Featured Content Picture #2 Welcome to Dead Nation. Please sign up, then create a character in the forum section for access to GTA V/IV roleplays. We hope that many of you sign up and enjoy yourselves here at Dead Nation please contact - DeadNationADMIN or Saturn Texehh on Xbox Live if your having any issues
Featured Content Picture #4 The government was developing a genetic super-virus to use as a biological weapon in the war over seas. The weapon was to be flown out of the city and the weapon was being sent a confidential location near the war. Whilst in flight, the pilot encountered a dangerous thunder storm which he couldn't avoid in an attempt to avoid the thunder storm he lowered his altitude and was struck by lightening which resulted in catastrophic engine failure. Unable to recover the pilot of the plane bailed and sent the plane plummeting into Land Act Reservoir causing the weapon to activate and Los Santos' water supply to be contaminated
Featured Content Picture #5 All your choices will effect you throughout your experience in Dead Nation. Whether you steal someone's car or you kill somebody. Good decisions get you friends, respect and rewards and bad decisions can get you anywhere but they'll probably also get you a bullet to the head. You've got to play wisely in Dead Nation or you're not going to make it far before somebody kills you
Featured Content Picture #7 All weapons can be found in places you'd find them in real life such as: Gun Stores, Police Stations, Prisons and Government facilities. You're going to need guns and ammunition to defend yourself with no weapon your not going to make it very far in Dead Nation without weapons.
Featured Content Picture #8 How will you face the apocalypse? Will you take your chances on your own the safer yet scarier option or will you try to survive as a group. You can form a group with 3 other survivors (MAX). Being alone also has its advantages but you're vulnerable however when you got friends watching your back you're less likely to be shot by someone else, but you might be shot by one of them because you can't trust anybody anymore
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  Tandem Gaming!
I am very happy to say we've partnered with Tandem Gaming. TG will be joining us in the story of Dead Nation so expect more member to be joining us!

  This is Dead Nation
Dead Nation, the end of days. A wide spread pandemic has taken the world by storm. Play as a survivor in the savaged wasteland which was once Los Santos. Create a survivor, a story, a group and lots of other amazing things, the apocalypse is your canvas and you survivors are artists. How you live and how you die is up to you. Become a ranger and protect and serve survivors in need or become a bandit and kill, thieve and terrorize all survivors, rangers and even over bandits. Everything is down to you. Sign up and create a character on the forum and get ready for the end.